[The throat that swallowed the scope came out crazy; but leaving is crazy too.]

• R L • powell (he/they) is a gender/queer, neurodivergent, poz author whose writing intersects with poetry, memoir, fiction, and the essay. Though their writing is not genre-specific, its hybrid nature has developed relatively unbidden. Before they learned the alphabet, they wrote—in an effort to bridge worlds difficult for them to express, but even harder to share. • R L • s work has appeared in a number of professional and independent publications over the years; though complexities borne of living with chronic, pre-diagnosed mental and physical illness have frequently challenged his writing career. Writing has always been his refuge, as well as first love, but a sustained period of solitary practice has proved essential to regaining his sense of well-being, as much as professional belonging. Little of the writing he has done, under their given name, has appeared in print since the world of publication has transitioned to include the prominence of contemporary digital platforms.

• R L • took to the “web” anonymously, early-on—and much of the work they published remains there; but it is also not material they wish to share openly—or leave to be easily found. He is presently in the latter stages of completing a PhD in English Literature, focusing on the work of three American writers* and their use of boredom as a tool to disrupt the affect of alienation, during the early modernist period. Beyond writing toward completion of his dissertation, they now feel grounded enough to articulate their work to a wider audience.

Future publications will be announced or linked-to here; in addition to ongoing projects. Earlier writings may also be featured on this site—provided they can be recovered from obscure grottos, deep within the internet. . . //

• R L • studies and teaches American literature and contemporary theory in Tkaronto [commonly referenced as Toronto].

* Marianne Moore, Gertrude Stein, and Djuna Barnes, respectively