• R L • powell (he/they) is a queer, neurodivergent, poz author of creative essays, poetry, and fiction. Before they learned the alphabet, they wrote. Over the years, their work has appeared in any number of professional and independent publications; however, a prolonged period of their life became shaped by the unforgiving nature of pre-diagnosed mental and physical illness. This dramatically affected their ability to continue their career in professional writing. Until recently, most of the work written under their given name was published before the dominance of digital media—much of which has now disappeared from pubic record. He is presently in the latter stages of competing a PhD in English Literature, focusing on the role of boredom in experimental writings of queer women in the high age of American modernism. Beyond writing aimed toward completion of their dissertation, they find themselves re-emerging into the public forum of creative letters with a fresh voice—though one still very much their own. Future publications will be announced and linked-to here, in addition to any other ongoing projects. Past writings they are able to recover from obscure depths of digital archives will occasionally be featured on this site.

• R L • studies and teaches in Tkaronto.